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Our Story

In the spring of 2017, two young couples moved into new homes next-door to each other. Taylor and Andy had met in college while each of them excelled in collegiate sports at their University. Ashley and Cameron had met in a local crepe restaurant and were thriving in their chosen career paths. For nearly a year, both couples went about their busy lives, rarely crossing paths.

In late 2017 Taylor and Andy welcomed the first addition to their family – a beautiful Mini Golden Doodle named Remy. Just a few months later, Ashley and Cameron brought home 2 lbs of absolute joy – a Toy Poodle named Roo. One afternoon that same week, Remy and Roo met each other for the first time. They were best friends at first sight. Suddenly, Taylor and Andy found themselves spending quite a bit of time in their front yard. Ashley and Cameron would often bring Roo outside to find Remy waiting on their doorstep, eager to play. Remy and Roo’s immediate bond lead to a friendship between the two families as they watched their pups sprint back and forth during their daily playdates. 

During their first summer together, Taylor’s mother Shannon began making adorable bandanas for Remy and there were always bits of scrap fabric left over. Shannon knew all about Remy’s best friend Roo and started sewing matching bandanas for the inseparable pair using the scraps for Roo’s much smaller size. In no time at all, people began to ask where they could find similar bandanas. It was then that the idea for Remy+Roo was imagined. Taylor, Andy, Ashley and Cameron began to work together to bring unique designs and unparalleled quality to the world of pet fashion with plans to expand further into other premium pet products. With durability and trendy patterns in the forefront of their minds, they’ve worked together to bring lasting style to furry family members everywhere. Nothing makes us happier than to see your pets showing off their bandanas and joining the Remy+Roo family.